Friday, February 4, 2011

A preview of things to come??

When I picked Lauren up from school yesterday her teacher said Lauren got mad at her.  I asked why and she said Lauren kept talking to her best friend Brett and the teacher told her to stop talking she didnt so she told Lauren to move to another chair away from him and Lauren said NO! My jaw dropped to the floor when she told me this! Then she tells me so I got up and moved her to another chair myself and she said Lauren was surprised she moved her and upset.  Then they moved to another station in the class and the director of the preschool was in the room and told Lauren to stop talking...again and she had to make her move away from him again!!! The teacher blew it off like no big deal but I think it is a big deal! The child needs to learn when someone tells her to do something you do it! We have been having issues around here with it! My kids are so stubborn!!

Today I asked Allison to go get her baby doll so we could play with it.  She went right into her room and got it with the bottle and we sat and cuddled and fed her baby!! It was so sweet! Maybe she will start playing with her baby dolls soon. She still when you ask to have a kiss she will lean to you so you can kiss her.  If you ask for a hug she will move closer to you but she wont hug you back yet. 

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