Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple picking, pumpkins, and a bird!?

We went to the apple orchard today to pick some apples. It is super late in the season to do it so next year I will be more prepared for it! It was alot of fun though. I can only imagine how it looked with tons of apples on the trees. Lauren thought it was the best! First she LOVED to carry around the bucket. She keep saying "I pick apples!" Jon had to pick her up to get most of them since the trees were so bare. She wasnt so sure about all the apples on the ground though. We also saw some cherries. Then we went back to pay for our apples and they had some pumpkins set up beside it so I got some pics. Lauren picked out her own pumpkin. As you see in one of the pics she dropped one too!! She enjoyed running around playing with all the pumpkins and trying to pick them up. When I asked her on our way home what she liked the best she said picking apples!! Then we came home to drop off our goodies and these were some little apples so she wanted one. I have never given her an apple without cutting it so I thought I would see how she did with it. She just LOVED It!! She ended up eating two already! I hope I have enough to make a pie!!

Later we were outside in the front yard riding her bike and I looked up and this HUGE bird is circling! I thought OH NO Jasmine! My little 5lb maltese! I have always had a fear of her getting snatched up by a bird! ?? So I put her inside and got my camera to take a pic of it. It was futher away by then but I still got a pic of it. It was pretty far away that is why it is blurry.

Anyway I think we have a new family tradition of going to the apple orchard!

I will post the pics in another post.

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